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Reply To: Personal Mythology is a Solution to The Meaning Crisis


Well here’s most the text of the post but then afterward it goes into how I believe MyMythos (my personal mythology project) is one of the potential solutions, so I’m leaving that out so as not to self promote.

We are gluttonously consuming information, facts, and data, but we are starved of a working world view, spiritual meaning, life purpose. John Vervaeke calls this “the meaning crisis” and many are inclined to agree with him, as am I.

Cultural traditions have long been a provider of such things, but probably the biggest provider has been religion. For instance: the reasons why you work, why you marry, why you don’t do bad things, or even why you ‘practice’ the sexuality that you do!

But traditions have gone and religion is in decline every single year. So then what?

We have the “rise of the nones”, those who have no religious affiliation. But the curious thing about this rise is not that they are atheist; no, they are rather more often “spiritual but not religious”. So what spirituality is it? Where do its laws and practices come from? Everywhere. They utilize Christian prayer, Babylonian astrology, Yogic stretches, Shamanic sage smudging, Celtic hand fasting, science based theory (entanglement supporting “oneness”) Hindu greetings (Namaste), the list is infinite.

So here we are in the middle of an entire shift on what it means to practice spirituality. The freedom is limitless and yet it also leaves us somewhat disconnected. She celebrate Ostara, but he celebrates Easter; he doesn’t eat meat but she does; he marries because it was prearranged and she did out of love. At the end of the day there are few overlapping traditions, meanings, and values to commune, celebrate, or calibrate with one another.

The paradigm has been shifting for a few decades now, that personal meaning will be the way forward. The question among all this individuation is “Where/when do we reconnect?”.

I believe the answers are slowly being created and built. We will find a new level at which to connect and a new understanding of how to connect with others BASED on the celebration of our uniqueness. This will happen culturally but it will also happen in technology, and become increasingly easier for it.