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Reply To: Personal Mythology is a Solution to The Meaning Crisis


    Sidian; this is terrific. Now I have a much clearer idea of where you are going with this. Btw; did you see a very long post of mine earlier? Right now it’s being held for moderation; but the site has been behaving strangely today. We’ve had “WordPress” security softeware problems in the past that seem to have resurfaced. First as you probably know there were sign-in issues; plus internet connection problems for some of us. Now it seems an old entry problem has resurfaced with the security sometimes asking for checking off pictures to gain access. It’s a familiar security ID protection a lot of websites use since hacking is such a major concern. At any rate a moderator or technical support person usually has to adjust something to get everything running smoothly again . My “very” long post may have triggered something because of the large amount of text and adding a link; (who knows). at any rate I think your material is super; and if you want to go further and expand on this I’m sure everyone else will too.

    Did my request about approaching this from multiple viewpoints make sense? And if so is that something that you would be interested in pursuing for an approach for your subject? That way everyone can give their point of view on the subject without feeling like they would be offending anyone; (if that makes sense). This is just a suggestion that might enlarge the approach; but you may have other thoughts in mind about this; so no problem there if that’s the case. This is your thread; so no worries.

    Thanks again for responding back with all this rich material; this clears things up a lot because I was a little unclear about what you were asking; and people have so many “different ideas” about what a “personal” myth actually is as I’m sure you’ve experienced.