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Reply To: Personal Mythology is a Solution to The Meaning Crisis


Thank you for your willingness to help, Sidian, but JCF is in good shape. We have an excellent team in place, and have a technological company working on a site upgrade at the moment (there was a temporary hiccup yesterday as they made changes to the sign-in process for mobile devices, but that situation was easily resolved). James isn’t involved with the website; he means well, but is making a bit of leap connecting that to an issue eight months ago related to spambots attempting to post porn links in the forums – which is what inspired the use of CAPTCHA.

Similarly, the post that was removed today had nothing to do with technological issues.

I do appreciate your sensitivity to our concerns re self-promotion, so thank you for not going there – not that we have anything against your website (didn’t have to google you – anyone visiting your profile should be able to see your website link).

The topic of personal mythology is endlessly fascinating, and I can’t imagine it being exhausted anytime soon – and, of course, it’s more than just an intellectual exercise, which is why I appreciate Stanley Krippner’s approach (no surprise his and David Feinstein’s The Mythic Path graces my bookshelves, along with a variety of other works on related subjects by a diverse range of practitioners from Jean Houston to, of course, good old Carl Gustav Jung).

Also dear to my heart is Krippner’s “Pilot Study in Dream Telepathy with the Grateful Dead” – now that was an epic experiment!

So how did you happen to meet Stanley? What’s your backstory?