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Reply To: Personal Mythology is a Solution to The Meaning Crisis


I see. Well I must admit I’m a little disappointed. I hope someday to cross paths more directly with JCF considering my life’s work revolves around something Mr. Campbell practically created. Maybe in the future. Glad to hear things are getting attention on the backend though.

Stanley and I go back about 15 years. He’s an old family friend. My mom got him to visit our home in Boise at the time. I was about 24ish and had been devouring any book I could get about spirituality, religion, quantum physics, self help, and psychology, so we hit it off immediately. He said I ought to meet the kind of people he works with. I began visiting with Stanley, doing any menial tasks to help out, categorizing papers and such, but also socializing with his vast circle of incredibly intelligent people. Eventually he had me giving talks with him at universities, festivals and such. He kept teaching me everything about Personal Mythology along the way as well and it became the biggest life changer for me. I’ve wanted to share that with others ever since.

Stanley’s book is the only one about PM that really codifies it into a system, and even touches on being a way of life. But what I also noted was that newer generations would never pick it up. I thought about this for years until coming to the conclusion that I could revamp it and revitalize it for a new generation who, unfortunately, have much shorter attention spans. Make it more colorful, easier, more fun, and that’s been my life’s goal ever since and how MyMythos came to be. I assume I will continue this work until I die, but it’s hard to predict that far ahead.

Thank you for asking. I have to admit, posting here has been refreshing as it is very difficult to find people on Facebook to participate in the groups I’ve made.