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Reply To: Personal Mythology is a Solution to The Meaning Crisis


I’m pretty sure your contribution to the field won’t be on the tech end, Sidian. Keep doing what you’re doing and doors will open (to paraphrase Campbell) . . . which sounds like exactly what happened when you met Stanley Krippner.

Pretty much you are “preaching to the converted” here, which is fine. I so appreciate being able to have a discussion without having to preface it with an introductory MYTH 101 tutorial.

There are of course varying degrees of understanding and experience among forum participants, but you are right – it is indeed refreshing to be able to discuss these topics with people of like mind, which helps fortify and inspire us when it comes to slaying dragons “out there,” in the mundane world, where so many are hungry for they know not what – which is where the time and hard work you are putting in is so important.