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Reply To: What is Personal Mythology to you?


Campbell says repeatedly throughout his writing and speaking that “The old has passed away, and what’s going to replace it, I do not know,” or words to that effect. Logic and reason have taken the life out of the Mystery, but the Mystery has not been surpassed. The Mystery has been, is being, made fun of, ridiculed, derided, denounced, etc., but the Mystery is still with us, among us, needing only recognition to be with us as always.

Why do we see the way we see? Think the way we think? Feel the way we feel? Love what we love?

Who are we? What are we about?

We all are “working on mysteries without any clues” (Bob Seger). We only need to be aware of the place Mystery has in our lives.

We can encounter the Mystery as easily as emptying ourselves of even the desire to be empty and entering the stillness and the silence, and waiting for something to stir, emerge, arise, appear unbidden/un-thought as an aberration  “out of nowhere,” and follow where it leads.

How do we revere and serve the Mystery? We create our own symbols, or receive them as they come to us “out of nowhere.” We find our own way as the path appears before us when we start walking. The Mystery is the source of mythology, and is with us always, to the end of our days, and perhaps beyond, for that, too, is a mystery.