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Reply To: Power of Personal Mythology: How sharks helped a woman through trauma


Thanks, Shaheda,

Sidian makes a power point with his example of how dreams offer a glimpse into, and a means of engaging, our personal mythology.

Out of the myriad dreams I have recorded, the dream series I shared above proved pivotal my understanding of how dreams work. One can read all of what Jung, Hillman, and others say on the subject, but it’s all abstract until we see how those dynamics play out in our own experience of the dream world.

Thank you for sharing your insight about your own dream image. Makes sense – something in the underworld of the unconscious is frightening. As you note, the exterior world “promises peace, strength, security.” Adding a layer to that, one could observe that it’s becoming aware of that threat from within that you arrive at a place in harmony with nature (and indeed, what is the unconscious but part of the natural world – it’s only threatening to ego, one’s sense of oneself).

And I love your response: I trust your foray into active imagination aided that embrace of, and comfort with, the unconscious.