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Reply To: Power of Personal Mythology: How sharks helped a woman through trauma


Thanks, Cheryl, for drawing that connection. The proliferation of new tarot decks by contemporary artists certainly increases availability and access to one of the best tools for activating the mythic imagination, one I regularly draw on myself (I don’t often use the Rider-Waite cards; my go-to deck is the Haindl Tarot, created by the late German artist Herman Haindl, which adapts mythological imagery; the feeling-tone it conveys stimulates my imagination – I’ll post an image of Haindl’s Moon from the Major Arcana below. Sometimes I just love looking at the differences and similarities among the same card from multiple decks, knowing none are “right” or “wrong” but add additional layers and dimensions).

Just as dreams are valuable in helping uncover one’s personal mythology, so is the tarot, as well as other forms of divination. That’s worthy of a conversation all it’s own, rather than a post buried in a thread more focused on dreams.

Perhaps you wouldn’t mind starting a thread on the subject of the tarot as a tool for discovering one’s personal myth. I believe that would be valuable info for other forum participants (though might just be thee and me posting there at first). All you have to do is either click on the “Exploring Your Personal Mythology” breadcrumb at the top of this conversation (or click on this link), then scroll past the other topics and post your comment in the form at the bottom of the page (with a relevant topic title).

The Moon, Haindl Tarot