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Reply To: Dream a Little Dream . . .


Thank you Stephen. I echo Mary’s message. On your question regarding recurring motifs, Mary wrote, “I frequently  dream of animals whether domestic or wildlife and most are of spiders, wolves, lions, panthers, tigers, elephants, hawks, and monarch butterflies. Also anything that lives under or around water in lakes and oceans or rivers and streams. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!   Some of these are my main animal totems–I work with animal totems a lot, including in dreams.”

Mary, your connection to animals and your animal totem is very strong, and even the marine life plays a vital role in your dreams.  Sorry, my comments might not be as meaningful, because these days I am off into different realms. But I wanted to say that whenever and wherever there are animals, they point you to a certain movement in your life. Animals move so beautifully. Look at cats, how graceful they are, each paw moves as if in space, or through a precise geometric calculation. Wherever, there are cats, it’s about your graceful movement through life. I also know you love Freya, the Norse-goddess, whose chariot is graced by cats.

I am hiking a lot during these COVID-19 times, and noticing wild life, and how it moves, and the message for us humans here. Just noticed, the dance-like walk of crows, and ravens.  Their bodies move as if they were on a cat-walk. Now a snake too is super graceful, even a baby snake, twists and turns, and is a beauty to watch. So, for you, perhaps there is a message around movement through life, all supported by your quadrupeds, and winged friends. Spiders that have been around you a lot bring a message of your connection to the universe.

Personally, besides my dream of  that beautiful hen, laying an egg, I have not had animal dreams lately, but I have spotted snails on many of my hikes. I just love the way, they lie silently in little corners, under a tree, or below some brush. Here is a picture of one of the three I encountered in my last hike:

Thank you for sharing your dream patterns.