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Reply To: Dream a Little Dream . . .


Looking for patterns in my dream, I noticed that these days, or for the past four months, I have been dreaming of deceased friends and family members. Might also be because I have been reading Peter Fenwick’s studies and experiments with the dying and their messages from the other side of the veil.

My last dream was of a very dear friend who passed away a few years ago. In this dream, he asked me to remain strong, and not move an inch from where I am. So, finding snails on my path, with their spiral bodies seems  like a potent message.  In another dream, my deceased best friend from college, who introduced me to Krishna Murti’s works, walked in with a basket full of white flowers and wore a satin-green blouse. Joy was written all over her. And again, I connected her visit with my mountain hikes. It was another dream, where I was telling her to believe me. “Believe me, I know the path from this forest (in Montreal) to your house (which happens to be in Karachi, Pakistan)” said I. She was not quite convinced.

As Hillman sees dreams less as a road to the unconscious than as the unconscious itself, “the psyche speaking to itself in its own language”. I find my psyche is speaking to me quite intensely through the dreams of my deceased friends and loved ones, providing me answers to the questions I have during the day.

In a recent dream, of a deceased relative,  her sons were handing her body to me, but it was not even an adult’s body, just a tiny curled up being in a child’s pram. In my dream, I wondered as to where in the world I’d bury her, because I had no burial land for her nor for myself, therefore, her sons should have held onto the body.

I could go on and on and on with this pattern of dreaming, but yes, the other world is keeping me very busy.

“For those who do work with your dreams, I’m curious what recurring motifs have drawn your attention? Which isn’t to say you know what they mean (not sure they “mean” anything; seems it’s more the experience that counts). Thanks for asking this question and all the generous information you’ve poured here. Thank you Mary Ann for your marvelous contributions as well. You both are my dream gurus.