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Reply To: Dream a Little Dream . . .


Silver and gold leaves

” there were trees with leaves of silver and gold, like brilliantly shiny coins”

Hi Stephen and Mary et al.,

I am answering one part of Mary’s dream-post, but in clicking reply to her post, the entire thread comes through.  I wonder if the responses could be post-by-post, instead of for the whole thread? Just asking. Know, that I’ll write a response to your post later, Stephen.


I am going through your ‘dream-a-little-dream’ post in pieces. Scenes that stand out for me, images that I too, might have seen in some form or another, expressions that revealed more than words … So, here is one that I wanted to elaborate upon.

Mary, you wrote,

“We then went over a beautiful bridge of silver and gold that went over a beautiful clear blue stream; its ripples sparkled from the sun like little starbursts of silver and gold that streamed along with the stream. As we approached the otherworld, there were trees with leaves of silver and gold, like brilliantly shiny coins”

Joe Campbell’s words seem to define this kind of a dream.  “Dream talks about permanent conditions within your own psyche as they relate to the temporal conditions  of your life right now. “ (Power of Myth (POM))  In your dream, the permanent conditions of psyche are rich beyond words, i.e., “sparkled from the sun like little starburst of silver and gold”.   Robert Johnson says that to understand our dreams we must ritualize them.  Looks like an autumn scene in parts of New England and Quebec (Canada). Nowhere in the world have I seen such brilliant autumn colors.

My dreams, in general, come from my own experiences in life, experiences that have influenced me, yet I am unfamiliar of their impact or aspects of the influences, intrigues, nuances, especially my legal escapades.

So in one recent dream, which has baffled me, yet, it links my dream images with yours, in the way the sunlight shone through a glass pane. Borrowing your words, “sparkled from the sun like little starbursts of silver”.  In this particular dream, I am in a room, with a glass-ceiling, looks more like a sun-room. A man from my neighborhood  in Massachusetts points to the glass-ceiling.  Now, I have seen rooms with glass-ceilings on 2 or 3 occasions, but this one was extraordinary. Here the sunlight streamed through the glass-pane and made lovely diamond-like patterns on the floor below.  “I never knew this room existed”, said I. The literal meaning of a glass-ceiling is,  “an unofficially acknowledged barrier to advancement in a profession, especially affecting women and members of minorities.”  On waking up, I wondered about the glass-ceiling, but more importantly the room itself.

Joe said, “dream is a personal experience of that deep dark ground that is the support of our conscious lives..” (POM) …I could connect the circumstances of my life in those dark times, and the glass-ceiling.  “Journey begins… in  dreams and in mythology, this is often symbolized by strange new rooms in houses, a distant land, a forest, a Kingdom beneath the waves … a secret island . . . but it is always a place of strangely fluid and poly­morphous beings, unimaginable torments, superhuman deeds and impossible delight.” (Call to Adventure- POM). That strange new room pointed me to a new adventure then, a new landscape. Impossible deeds indeed, yet looking forward to the ‘impossible delight part”, Mary Ann.

You wrote, “I felt fortunate to see something of what the myths spoke of–the afterlife, something that had always held a tremendous mystery to me–or “mysterium tremendum et fascinans. ” Again, Joe’s words would be most appropriate for the images that you encountered, “The dream is an exhaustible source of spiritual information about yourself. “ And also, as  Marion Woodman said, “ the very destiny of the soul is directed through dreams.”

Dream a little dream.