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Reply To: Dream a Little Dream . . .


Stephen, what a rich dream world. The symbols in this dream seem to be pointing to the underworld, the snake, the red foliage (autumn leaves), perhaps time to harvest,  as when you,           ”  step to the far end of the platform to take a closer look at it on the altar, which also holds a heart-shaped wreath formed of red foliage – I am to place the Snake there.”

Thanks for posting your research methodology as well, this is very helpful. I had a similar dream at one time, where the road with diamond patterns was  the road I followed, however, my research methods stopped at looking at ski-trails where trails are marked with various geometric symbols, and the diamond shapes are: “ There are fewer people on these runs, mainly because of our basic survival instinct. These are the runs that make even atheists pray to God. If you’re not a true expert you have just made a huge mistake. ”  So, I wondered at my mistakes in life, and what ought I to do, and stopped there, because the mistakes got me thoroughly depressed.


It was more like the image “A” – A rhombus whose opposite sides are equal. But it can also be viewed as a cross, and if, I take Joe Campbell’s interpretation of the cross, it would be ” the cross has dual sense: one, of our going to the divine; the other, of the divinity coming ….”

I also noticed that now, if you search a Joe Campbell quote, or other Joe Campbell references, you find your way back to JCF’s Joseph Campbell quotes database, which is a treasure house for the best Joe references. In the past, I’d go to websites such as the Brainy Quotes, or invariably to Bill Moyer’s Power of Myth videos etc.  This new link (perhaps not so new?) new to me, that is, is indeed most helpful.

Dreaming away.