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Reply To: Helpful Books on Dream


    Hello Stephen; I’m posting in this thread this morning because I hope people will take a look at your inventory of Dream book suggestions and encourage a more extended conversation around this. We’ve been talking about Dream material in a couple of other threads and the suggestions you’ve made have been extremely helpful and perhaps others will add theirs as well. Last night is a perfect example which I will explain more at length what I’m getting at. (Many of these insights about this as well as the following comments you’ve already covered.)

    So last night we were having a small group discussion off Forum about Dreams concerning different areas and Dennis Patrick Slattery’s book called: “Riting Myth Mythic Writing” was one of the topics as well as other strategies for approaching Dream work after which I went to bed. As luck would have it this topic appeared in my dream in the form of a shadow confrontation with a large male figure in a mirror arguing with me about what I knew. Well; upon confronting this figure he did not like my response to this; got angry and started throwing things then stormed off. Upon waking I immediately jotted a few things down about this and then went over to my little library of Dream resources you have been recommending; (including some of the Robert Johnson Active Imagination and Shadow material along with Slattery’s book and began researching some of the themes these images seemed to represent). It occurred to me that people cross-referencing resources as well as techniques might be helpful in exploring our inner landscapes and how these things manifest not only in our daily lives but might also be helpful to those just starting out.

    For instance the chapter in Slattery’s book on the: “Wounded Self” and Johnson’s: “Inner Work” concerning the Shadow; along with James Hillman’s: “The Souls Code – In Search of Character and Calling” and his idea of the Diamon were enormously helpful in getting an insight into some of what was in play in my Dream. Seeing one’s unknown face in a mirror was difficult but necessary in understanding how a symbol or narrative was playing out in my life and trying to develop a dialogue with this figure and the results were quite revealing. We don’t like to see our dark selves; especially if they are behaving badly; and listening to them is not easy.

    Jung and Campbell would probably offer much to say about this; but my point refers to something Joseph mentioned in Diane Osbon’s: “Reflections on the Art of Living – A Joseph Campbell Companion” included in the poetic arrangement of quotes on pages: 16-26; (“If you want the whole thing the gods will give it to you. But you must be ready for it.”) I was taken by surprise to this revelation with my reaction to my dream because my Shadow was telling me something about myself I didn’t realize; and if I hadn’t had the reference books it would have been much more difficult to track it down. Also the Eric Ackroyd book: “a dictionary of Dream Symbols” has been very helpful as well.

    There are others from your list and previous recommendations I have on my list as I can afford them; and they are opening a doorway that would have been inaccessible without this prior knowledge of what to get. During our Covid lockdown the library has not been an option since being a senior I’m still waiting on my vaccination. At any rate I hope others will share their suggestions and Dream input as well. Thanks again for all your helpful advice.


    “I am going to add an addendum book suggestion that is highly thought of that may be of some help and Stephen is familiar with called: “The Book of Symbols – Reflections on Archetypal Images” by Taschen. I believe some of the images that were used came from Joseph’s private collection.