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Reply To: Helpful Books on Dream


Firstly, a big thank you to Stephen for posting rich resources for those interested in dreams, and secondly to  James for guiding me to this thread to search dream resources and to place some of my own. This applies to all those who land onto this thread, please enjoy perusing this section of Looks like a gem to me.

Like you, Stephen, I had a number of dream dictionaries, which I voluntarily discarded, and now am leaning towards getting, “A Dictionary of Dream Symbols: With An Introduction to Dream Psychology by Eric Ackroyd”, you suggested. Your other two recommendations: Dream Analysis: Notes of the Seminar Given in 1928-1930 (a 700 page transcript of sessions of the dream work seminar Jung conducted, in English, with a number of psychiatrists and psychologists), which provided a detailed, up-close look at how Jung himself applied active imagination), and Children’s Dreams: Notes from the Seminar Given in 1936 – 1940 (468 pages of transcripts of Jung working with psychologists on dreams) will have to wait, until I catch up with what I have resting at my desk, waiting to be read.

I once had “The Secret History of Dreaming, by Robert Moss”. As I looked at my my present, very lean collection on the subject, I have Jung, James Hillman and Robert Moss, and also Johnson. S

My recommendation is  Moss’ “Three Only Things — Tapping the power of dreams, coincidence and Imagination “.  Yes, there are dream stories, coincidence stories, and the power of imagination, all packed in one little book. Chapter 10 is rich with ideas, insights, and secrets, yes secrets of imagination. How things happen to Robert Moss, on a plane, at the airport, or standing in a line, is more than mysterious, but in his chapter 10, he has seven secrets to share with the reader.