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Reply To: Helpful Books on Dream


James and Shaahayda

I apologize for the slow turn-around in response – seems like I’ve been doing a lot writing the last few days, and then work issues demanded my attention on top of that . . . but I really appreciate your recommendations, and hope others follow your lead and continue to add to the list. The more choices, the better.

I do agree, Shaahayda, about Robert Moss’ Three Only Thing – Tapping the Power of Dreams, Coincidence, and Imagination – that’s one I don’t own, but I did check it out of the library way back when.

And James, your reference to Hillman’s The Soul’s Code and Dennis Slattery’s book on “Rising Myth” (love that play on words) highlight an important point. Though neither is technically about dreams, dreamwork is actually a portal into so many related fields, from psychology to mythology to divination and more. Though we think of dreams as subjective, they really can’t be properly studied in isolation; in many ways, they pull us out of ourselves and back into the larger world.

We’ll save this thread for further recommendations; I hope to take a look at the dream you posted, Shaahayda, in another thread, but not sure I’ll be able to get to that today.