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Reply To: Helpful Books on Dream


Hello James,

Your rich post on dreams touches so many important points, and this part in particular for me, You wrote, ” Seeing one’s unknown face in a mirror was difficult but necessary in understanding how a symbol or narrative was playing out in my life and trying to develop a dialogue with this figure and the results were quite revealing. We don’t like to see our dark selves; especially if they are behaving badly; and listening to them is not easy.”  Moss has a solid chapter on the subject in his book. He writes, “Dreaming is medicine. This is true in ways that are easily evidenced by medical data.”  Clinical studies suggest that people begin to recover from depression when they begin to dream more. Well, I have been dreaming a great deal more than a month ago, and perhaps that’s a good sign too.

James, you had posted something on emotions by Jung, but perhaps through our chat messages. Is it possible to post that reference somewhere here?  In last night’s dream, it was a surprise to me that I was driving on a road, and it was midnight, but then my car too, might not have had any lights, because the whole place was pitch black. Dreams show us our conditions, our physical and emotional conditions, and also our surroundings.

All the best James and thank you so much.