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Reply To: Helpful Books on Dream


Another incredibly helpful book on Dreams:

When Brains Dream: Exploring the Science & Mystery of Sleep by Antonio Zadra and Robert Stickgold (c. 2021)

I picked up this just published volume on the Yale campus a little over two weeks ago, and was immediately smitten, consuming much of it on a train to New York, and this past weekend over on the lengthy flight home to California. Zadra is a professor at the University of Montreal and a key researcher at the Center for Advanced Sleep in Medicine (he’s appeared on Nova on PBS and the BBC’s Horizon), and Stickgold is a professor at Harvard Medical School, and director of the Center for Sleep and Cognition – his writing has appeared in Scientific American and Newsweek.

Almost every single page is chock full of scientific info I did not know about the dream cycle, the physiological functions dream (from “housekeeping tasks” for the brain, to memory retention and more), as well as a survey of the field, discussions of Freud, Jung, and ways of working with dream. This is the most up-to-date science as to what dream researchers do know about dreams, what they suspect, and what mysteries remain . . . well worth the price.