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Reply To: When is a dream a future dream


Thank you Stephen for your generous response. I know you are busy, so no problem.

Have you ever dreamed that you are driving on a road, and are very much in control of the car, but can’t see a thing. Well, that’s the kind of dream I had last night.  Two or three friends  had dinner and then ordered dessert, which was ‘KUL -FI” – a frozen milk (not cream)  ice cream with cardamom, but do not remember consuming it.  I was the driver, and as I pulled out of the restaurant, I turned right, and found my car and I were engulfed in darkness, it was absolutely pitch black…’noir absolu’..But I kept driving, imagining there would be a traffic light ahead, but my dream ended right there or I do not remember much else. In engaging my AI, I am reminded of two things, 1) The darkest time of night is midnight. 2) I am halfway before dawn. But while driving through the darkness, I remained strong. That’s interesting because I seemed to have read something about strength in dreams, in Moss’ book before falling asleep.

Moss writes, “If you find you have strength and magical powers in dreams that you generally do not exhibit in waking life, you’ll want to  try to reach into the dreamspace and bring those powers through, to work for you in your physical life.” Three Only Things– Tapping the Power of Dreams, Coincidence, and Imagination –  page 44.  I would love to, but he does not elaborate upon how to bring those powers through, or maybe I have not reached that part of the book.

Wondering if we can have discussions on how to tap into the magical powers of our dreams.