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Reply To: When is a dream a future dream


Hello James,

Thank you ever so much for your rich and generous look at my dream. It’s late, so I shall be brief.  Stephen’s analysis cleared a lot of fog around this dream. The questions to ask about the dream, surroundings, and one’s own sense of the situation. I must admit that you nailed it in this one sentence, ” what I’m saying is that there may something from your past by way of an experience or a message from a dream that is seeking to be understood by the self.” That’s what I had concluded, after examining my recent conscious thoughts and some thoughts on love seemed to conflict with what Joe says in the Power of Myth, Tales of Love and Marriage.

I’ll expand on that later after sitting down and writing a better more coherent piece. This is just to let you know how very much I appreciate your response to my query.

Another very important thing that you wrote was, “But in the later stages of life the mental and emotional focus of the individual begins to shift towards the realization of the later stages which include acceptance and decline and loss of power of that life you have achieved. In other words it may have to do with retirement or legacy concerns or any number of other issues that later life presents that may inter this dream world as well. (In Jungian terms metaphorically speaking; he has often referred to this as the: “Grand Egress or Exit”.  That too James!! I have been thinking, writing, and discussing the grand egress for a long time now. As a matter of fact, I wrote a paper on the Grand Egress, which was published in a scholarly journal. Although, I do not like it much now, but it does play into why Joe would not be happy with my present thinking.  Smile Smile.

Anyway, I’ll tell you later.