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Reply To: When is a dream a future dream


Hi Shaahayda,

Thanks for sharing your dreams~

You wrote/asked,

I had been reading a few pages from Robert Moss’ book, “Three Only Things”, and was  where he discusses the deep connection between dreams and our future. Moss writes, “It’s my impression that we are dreaming the future all the time. ….Consider the times you have had the experience of  deja vu……..We may have forgotten the dream, but when a physical event catches up with it, recognition stirs from a deep memory bank.” (page 16)

My first reaction to this question was to think about how not all dreams are about the future per say,. When Moss says we are dreaming about the future “all the time,” I suspect I am not to take him literally that every dream is about the future, as some dreams are about the present time or the past. So many dreams too are merely residual as Freud wrote about–containing the residue of the psyche from the day’s events or the recent week’s events to sort it out in psyche’s understanding and to not get the wires crossed to keep us sort of in line. If all our wires got crossed of all the things we experience in a day or a week, we might get either very confused in general or go to various degrees insane.

Insofar as dreaming about the future often, I do believe that our dreams have a teleological modus operandi. Some have a cause and perhaps only a cause (depending on how an individual might look at it or regard the dream), whereas some have a purpose too, and that purpose can be one that is unfolding, and unfolds over time and in that sense we have some of our dreams of the future.

If I have a death dream (a dream about an elderly relative dying, e.g.) then a day later that relative dies, that was a dream about a future event and it was prophetic/predictive. I would wonder if it had a cause (the death itself causing the dream) or if it had a purpose (was it supposed to warn me of the future event somehow so that I may have helped prevent an accidental death?), or did it have both, I might wonder. I had a dream about my uncle dying that came true (when I was little) and my mother also had a death dream once about me that saved my life (I will spare details here). Other dreams have purpose that is not so immediate. I have had dreams in a dream series about a particular topic (much like a topic thread here) that over the course of about a decade were teleological, showing me things about my present life and times each time that were based upon the past (and past dreams) that were yet unfolding into the future awake-life events and dream events. The dream thread I had at that time was like a “soap opera” dream series, kind of like tuning into a certain channel on the television at least once a week. Things in the dreams changed and unfolded as the things in my life were changing and unfolding but it all led to a purpose as the last dream in the series had revealed–I did not know that would be the last dream at the time until shortly afterwards in my waking world the event in my dream then did really happen in accordance with a couple of the strong images or dream symbols in the dream matching the symbols in the waking world. Some things did not even begin to make much sense to me until years later–since the entirety of the dream series lasted about a decade and ended just recently last summer.

To some people, this would be/sound schizophrenic or schizoid–but to anyone who analyzes dreams and knows that they are doing so that it does not drive them insane (!) or a dream psychologist, etc. it is not. Was it Jung or Campbell or both who said that the mystic can sort these things out and dives in to do so whereas the insane person drowns in that same substance or pool?! In any case I just wanted to bring that up because of how delicate these things can be, to discern meaning. I thought of this because to those who do not have either predictive dreams or teleological awareness coinciding with their dreams, many people think that “psychics” and “psychic” events are “crazy,” whereas it all just comes from the psyche and gods only know (“god only knows!”) everything that is in there (in the individual psyche or the collective psyche)–but our dreams do give us glimpses of all that!

Deja vu is something at least that most people can relate to and can be used to ease people into a conversation of dream prophetic dreams or psychic dreams coming true–or other acts of divination.

Let us dream onward (and upward or downward or backwards or whichever way),