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Reply To: When is a dream a future dream



I am here replying to your question plus observations,

Marianne, You wrote “what is in the present is also always unfolding, so in a sense the present is already what is present in the future, in its unfoldment..” Now this brings me to a question, don’t dreams just mix up our sense of time. We can dream about our childhood events, home or school, years and years ago, and then in quick new scene we are sitting in front of a TV that happens to be just where we are in present time. So, as past events link us to out present, our present leads us into our future. A dream is a wonderful whole package  – A psychological and historical self, displayed via scenes of symbols and stories.

I also believe what you say here is so true. I love your questions and observations on dreams, about this dream you had you tell here and about dreams in general. I can add here too how much I loved Stephen’s interpretation of your dream abotu Campbell, which I did not mention earlier.

I guess sometimes it is fun to answer questions with questions. I say this because of course I cannot know the truths to all the mighty workings of the universe; however, if we look at how in dreams there are so many times in which everything can be in “the now,” or ask the question does it seem usually that all dreams are in the NOW at the moment we dream them? then I would say, probably, yes, that dreams mix up our sense of time. But then I can ask too if we always experience our dreams that way, since at the time they may not seem to be mixing up our sense of time at all but just appear to be fine in the NOW of the experience. I think that when we experience the NOW of something we then have WON it in our own right, because it is then we OWN it. (Just some fun with word-play here.) Same thing with TIME. Another word scramble: TIME= EMITS. Time emits things, things are emitted through time–what does this really tell us? It takes time sometimes for things to be emitted, yet we have the NOW in which all things at that moment that have emitted are there, and “here” is within there” (another word game for meaning) showing that what is there can in time be carried or emit here, in its passage of place through space and time. So here I was just having some fun with this question! And then what is the present is pre-sent, so it has emitted through time, so if the present is now, then now has been pre-sent prior to now. So then we can ask, “but from where? where did this pre-sent present come from?” I guess the answers can be numerous. Did it come from the future? Can we go back in time? Did you ever have a dream as a child that now that you are an adult you can see that as a child the dream was a precognitive dream of your life now? This has happened to me several times–looking back, I can see where my childhood dreams were sometimes teleological or predicting things or states of things from out of my future. So I often wonder if I am in the NOW, in the center of things in the NOW, then I am surrounded by past and future and perhaps these things go back and forth through the now, and that the same thing happens in dreams. I guess this helps me understand precognitive dreams, futuristic dreams, or looking back at past dreams that turned out to be precognitive or come true. 

Just a few thoughts–