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Reply To: Exploring Lucid Dreaming


    Stephen; you are so very thoughtful in offering your help with years of deep study behind it. There is an enormous amount of insight and information within this one post and it will take me quite awhile to digest it all. This is such a deep and complex subject that one can often get lost in finding their way through it all and figuring out how best to approach and apply it. As we explore the depths of our own life and attempt to mine the messages it holds for us it can often become overwhelming. But then we dream every night; and our psyche is speaking to us all the time attempting to communicate things we need to realize within our life process no matter where we are within it.

    I think for some of us attempting to navigate Jungian concepts can be a truly Herculean task given the complexity of everyday modern life because the support system of one’s personal myth is unknown and that the actual assignment is to figure out where you need to go and how to get there within the backstory of making your own unconscious conscious; but that’s the job that’s given whether we like it or not; and as Joseph mentioned once: “The fates lead him who will; those who won’t they drag.”; (or something like that). But for each of us I think we must learn how these forces and this material is speaking to us and what it’s messages are when we go to sleep each night and these things come to life and speak to us in a language that’s often difficult to understand.

    This is such a wonderful wealth of information Stephen; and the reading suggestions both you and Andrew have offered keep me constantly adding to my library all the time. Again; thank you for all your kind help which will keep me busy for some time to come.