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Reply To: Exploring Lucid Dreaming


    Stephen; your added insights are even more illuminating and combine beautifully with the first ones you shared. I had an interesting dream last night which I think was prompted by what you shared; (although I’m not sure if it will resonate with anything specific from the above.

    I often have these little “Oracle” type messages or experiences that usually appear as one word and then almost every time I awaken immediately afterwards. The word usually given has some type of meaning or relationship to something I’ve been working on that seems to point in a certain direction I need to go or focus on. I’ve lately been concentrating on the concept of: “Core Complex” that I came across with Murray Stein and James Hollis: “Decomplexifying Complexes” that I believe also is included in Mario Jacoby’s work as well. (I’ve since traced this back to my earliest childhood experiences and I’m pretty sure it is a major influence within my “Personal Myth”; so for me this is a big deal concerning my inner work over the last 5 or 6 six years.

    After I had posted my reply to you I went to bed and had this dream where I was trying to find out how to go about further exploring both my previous above experiences and asking what I need to be looking for. At one point the word: “Voice” appeared flashing as though to get my attention; and then I woke up. After I scribbled this down on my note pad beside my bed I began wondering what this word had to do with my problem and my dream message and it occurred to me that “emotion” and communication are major features of dreamwork as the unconscious is often giving signals through symbols and images of responses to things the psyche is working on so I was struck by both the timing and immediacy of the response. At any rate the links I left should help clarify my references and hopefully will add to the discussion.

    Stephen; again thank you so much for all your helpful insights.