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Reply To: Exploring Lucid Dreaming


Thanks, James – though I can really only speak from my own experience. I, too, pay special attention when a word or phrase follows me across the divide between the dream zone and waking consciousness.

Your reference to readings on core complexes reminds me that dreams love visual puns. For example, many of my dreams unfold in public settings – hotels or resorts, elaborate restaurants, or on a campus, a planned community, or among a set of apartments – and I will find in my dream journal the next morning that I have referred to these as a “complex”: e.g., “the dream occurred in a public space in the complex,” or “I saw her in a crowded area of the complex,” or “we were on the bed in a guest room in the the complex,” etc. – with the rest of the dream supplying the clues as to what “complex” I seem to have located myself in . . .

But now we’re wandering a bit far afield of the topic of lucid dreams (granted, given their fluid nature and many-fold layers, it’s no easy task to confine a discussion of dreams to just one subject, so some leakage is to be expected).

But you’ll notice the account of my most recent lucid dream (which I shared in the hopes others might share some of their experiences with lucid dreaming) just naturally overlapped with the pre-cognitive aspect of that dream.

Maybe we need a couple new threads, one perhaps on elements or aspects of dreams (such as telepathic and precognitive experiences), and one on dreamwork, including active imagination, which would also cover your most recent post. (Just thinking out loud for a moment . . . )