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Reply To: The Hero’s Journey in Contemporary Literature/Fantasy


    Much more is known now and better explained by C.M.C. Green in Roman religion and the cult of Diana at Aricia. Frazer’s appproach was more ‘romantic’, and all scholars from that time up to WWII were framed in that view. Hard core science (relativity, quantum mechanics, electronics, &c) has surpassed this all. Comparative mythology, as explained by Campbell, is both somewhat romantic and solid science. Just like anthropology, archeology and more, there is just not so much ‘hard’ evidence anymore. The academic world demands this. But as mythology touches the middle layer (instinct – emotions – ratio), there is a tendency towards ‘other’ explanations other then ‘classic’ prooven facts.

    The A & A story is very educational towards young men. Let alone the greek pantheon wereoff one guy (Z) causes the vast majority of havoc and spill.