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Reply To: The Hero’s Journey in Contemporary Literature/Fantasy


    Favourites are Artemis’ encounter with Actaion (instead of the tale told the other way around)

    Who tells it the other way around?

    In this story it’s Artemis’ viewpoint, not Actaions. Most other myths, if not almost all the others, men hunts the woman (plural). The rare other one are the stories of Iananna, the Sumer queen at the very brink of civilisation. As with Artemis, this points to a complete other perspective in the days of hunters and gatherers. It may have happened that in the course of time, during the build up of larger civilisations, more ‘masculine’ properties were favourable, and hence a shift towards ‘knights conquering the world’ (Sargon the Second, to name one), as a ‘mythologysation’ (somesort of english) of the man and the woman. All conquering civilisations are masculine, currently employing in eastern Europe as an example. And like Sargon’s empire, in due time, nothing will remain nor remembered.