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Reply To: The Hero’s Journey in Contemporary Literature/Fantasy



Your point is well taken about honor culture – I’m sorry I overlooked that. Glad that’s not our default setting, despite lingering traces (like you reference to “the Slap” at the Oscars – nice catch).

There’s definitely an association between honor culture and a patriarchal mindset, which is much more conducive to the constellation of that Zeus archetype (though I would suggest that patriarchal culture is an expression of the underlying archetype, rather than the other way around – and with that settled, I’ll weigh in on the chicken-or-egg question next. 😉).

Even as we move away from an overt patriarchal orientation, I am fascinated at the staying power of this archetypal dynamic, which suggests it is embedded in the human psyche.

In response to critics (pro and con) identifying Campbell as a Jungian, he argued otherwise (on at least one occasion claiming “I am not a Jungian; I am a Schopenhauern – or a Nietzschean”; but then, even Carl Gustav himself is reputed to have said “Thank God I am Jung, and not a Jungian!”). Nevertheless, Joe does note that while Jung is not the final word, he does provide the best clues. Indeed, Campbell served as my introduction to C.G. Jung; I can’t imagine grokking the fullness of Joseph Campbell’s work without at least some familiarity with Jungian concepts.