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Reply To: Scientists and the art of telling a story


Hi Stephen,

I finally got a sense how to start this conversation after your initial tribute. Being educated with technical matters, (said also else on this platform) with some insights in general scientific issues, discoveries, over the limit relativity and over the edge quantum mechanics (just basics folks, no magical/mathematical tricks), I experience this immense surfaced knowledge, in scientific prose, as the most revelating ever happened in my concious life. There is more story in science to be told, then ever was, is and will be told in myth. Comparable with the inbalance of welth and possession, knowledge is uneven distributed in time and locality. Translating will be difficult. The saying, don’t spoil a good story with facts, prooves a serious mark (‘border area’) between the two realms. From the strict side, I want to tell what it is; from the fluid side, I want to tell what it appears. You like the latter anyhow, because it is more human, less robotic/algorithmic.

NASA has accomplished a step beyond a fundamental threshold which encapsulated mankind up to 1969 when Armstrong put his feet on the moon. Diana (or better: Selene) got a dusty shoe in her face, and the strict hurrayed, but the fluids wept. In those recent decades, the promise of science would lead mankind to an – other paradise finally, not bound by assumptions, belief and absolute subjugation. This fruit is shaken from the tree and rots on the ground, distrusted by the common man now.

This is the ground for the next episode of stories to be told, about the powers of magicians who touched the moon, the sun, the planets and the stars. Who could create not iron out of rocks but raw energy out of the heaviest metals or water. Nonhumans with nonhuman forms replacing true living mankind and our fellow natural creatures. Once you know it, you don’t want to downgrade it to a lower level, leaving out the essential parts so others may get a grasp. When you don’t, you’re going to upgrade it with known but limited understanding (‘the tradie or the diy’), unaware and distrustful, to an acceptable and reassuring level. Something to believe in, to kneel for, hand on the heart.

Patterns are clearly reemerging. Sorry I’ve spoiled the story. I know.