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Reply To: Art Institute of Chicago: Reflections on Campbell


    Stephen; thank you for separating the above piece from the article you wrote for the MythBlast series for it presents a chance to explore Joseph’s influence as a separate topic.

    (Your quote): “In a series called The Power of Myth, Joseph Campbell said to Bill Moyers that we respond to a work of art because the order of the work mirrors the order of our souls.”

    This separate article is a very unique look into the world of the artist from several points of view. 1) how the curator as a person contemplates the how much we all have been effected by “Covid” and what Art means to her; 2) how this series of work in particular represents an intimate window into the human experience; 3) of Campbell’s: “order of the soul”; 4) and the links concerning separate pieces and the video concerning his personal individual creative process of how he brings forth his expressions.

    This choice of “Diary” intimately evokes within the viewer their own personal experiences as expressed through his eyes and; (at least to me); instantly reflects back my own personal experiences in relation to his chosen topic at hand; (which in this case focuses on his daughter’s early childhood; but part of an ongoing life series referring back to Joseph’s: “Order of the Soul”. This intimate relationship to me touches on so many levels the viewer’s experience of their own personal mythic relationship to life. Whether as viewer or participant; it suggests that we as human beings are asked to see each other as one species; not separated by culture, time, and space; but all part of an ongoing: “carousel of life” that continues ever onward through life’s ups and downs. We are also asked to see past these cultural costumes we wear and understand not only are we all the same in a collective social sense, but in a personal individual one as well.

    I particularly found fascinating the overview across time he juxtaposes in this ongoing series; (over 500 prints spread out at last count although we only see a five of them); and the way the viewer can see themselves changing as well as contemplating what his own feelings must be as a parent as he experiences his own life in progression. And his innovative combination of media forms he utilizes to achieve his creative expressions is not only unique but truly individual as well; not to mention his tenderness and sensitivity throughout his pieces which invite the viewer into the experience of his work. My description is a bit clumsy but these are the elements are that affected me the most; and reminded me very much of how Covid has profoundly affected us all.

    Beautiful selection Stephen, and compliments your MythBlast article perfectly.