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Reply To: What does your story have to do with myth?


    So what does a myth have to do with me? It is this thing that comes up out of nowhere and grabs you from deep inside and points to something in your life that has meaning; something that tells you: “Thou Art That” and that you must respond. As Joseph often shared there are no set rules and no one can tell you what it’s going to be; you must learn to recognize it by; (as he put it): “Following your own Bliss”; and your bliss comes from the push out of your own existence.  So what is this thing? Below are a few of Joseph’s quotes that have been shared elsewhere that may help to provide some clues.


    “So then, what are we really questing for? And here is the answer: It is the fulfillment of what is potential in ourselves, our true selves. It is not an ego trip. You are not your ego. You experience your ego. You are not your thoughts. You experience your thoughts. You are not your feelings. You experience your feelings. And you are not your body. You behold your body. This recognition awakens a heritage within us that exists before all these mythologies, religions and belief systems came into being and into our traditions. It’s an awakening of our own pre-ego, pre-Hindu, pre-Jewish, pre-Buddhist, pre-Muslim, pre-Christian hearts.

    Joseph Campbell
    The Eastern Way: Oriental Mythology (Joseph Campbell Audio Collection I.3.1)

    “A mythological order is a system of images that gives consciousness a sense of meaning in existence, which, my dear friend, has no meaning––it simply is. But the mind goes asking for meanings; it can’t play unless it knows (or makes up) the rules.
    “Mythologies present games to play: how to make believe you’re doing thus and so. Ultimately, through the game, you experience that positive thing which is the experience of being-in-being, of living meaningfully. That’s the first function of a mythology, to evoke in the individual a sense of grateful affirmative awe before the monstrous mystery that is existence.”

    Joseph Campbell, (Pathways to Bliss, p. 6)


    This may be of interest since I just spotted a new clip posted yesterday from the Foundation’s YouTube library that addresses  Shaaheda”s  question of: “What a future myth be looking ahead into the future.