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Reply To: Your Medium?


Hey Steven,

Thanks for all the information on Campbell. Also just so you know I have all your Practical Campbell Essays and two of my favorites are The Medium for Myth and HereBeDragons ofcourse.

I know it gets cliche but Star Wars for me was the thing that made me want to understand better the art of storytelling. I went on a Film School, work some years for the Television and then I studied Animation, after that I worked in the advertisement industry which left me a bit disgusted (using art for business, not exactly my thing, good money though, lol) so I packed my stuff moved to the country and thought I focus completely on the art.

Commercial movies do have their uses. Its always good to watch movies that are artistic and can deepen your understanding but I also need some chill out time, in that respect Hollywood, is doing wonders. I usually watch them when I wanna sleep, hey its better than the drugs. 😀

Perhaps I am a bit too harsh here but most modern films although they do seem to deal with good themes and issues also seem to be very commercial and designed for the masses but those I cant stand and I make the distinction between art and nonsense are the so called social movies, dealing with social issues. I don’t see much value in the them. I like my movies to go heavy on drama and the tragic element of the individual. Campbell really influenced me when he said “It wont help you to change society but it will help to live in the system as a human being” that was a game changer for me.

good movies actually do work like myths. They become a mirror but they really need to be good (dramatic) and deep (tragic) in order to do this.

Some of my influences are Filmmakers like Tarkovsky, Kubrick, Gilliam, Lynch, Kaufman, Kurosawa, Miyazaki, (and so many more).

So what movies do you like?