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Reply To: Art and the Artist’s Psyche


Thank you for your reflections!

While I was working with aromatherapy I understood that people came to me mostly for inner turmoils, and so yes I studied counseling and I did a Jungian analysis. Since then, my practice with scents has always been a “healing art” and in the last year and a half (the pandemic) it has become more creative than ever since I couldn’t share perfumes in the same place with my clients; so now I am more a creativity coach than a perfumer.

A friend said to me today “When I have a walk in Nature, I think I will find plants, but then I find myself”. I would say that “this is it”; we may resonate with any medium, and surely with sensorial mediums and at the same time the feeling is that our quest is an inner one.

I share the podcast of the interview with this friend because it’s worth listening I think (the title of the recording is “The energy of creativity”) :

Thank you for the Jitterbug perfume, I didn’t know about the book!