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Reply To: Campbell on Writing


    Hey Shaheda; I’ve added a small addendum to my first post that provides another couple of sources concerning not only Joseph’s writing process; but the development of one’s own which I hope will compliment Stephen’s original topic statement. It would be very easy to get off topic; (especially concerning Vogler as this is an old debate; and there have been many in the past who have disagreed with Joseph’s work as Stephen no doubt can verify).

    Second; in answer to your kind request about the websites you linked to I’m going to decline because I’ve pretty much got all I can handle with what I’m doing right now. Saying that; I might add I think you may find no matter how informed you are there are going to be those who neither care about being accurate or are more concerned about driving traffic to their website. Most who are concerned with what his views were have taken the time to do the proper research and realize what enormous scholarship went into what he said and how vast his research behind it was; (that is why the foundation set up this site in the first place and what it is for); and those who are seeking the correct information to make an informed opinion should come here first if they want to dispute it. Everyone of course is entitled to their own thoughts about his work; but go to the source first before claiming to be an authority about his work. I would also be careful with this topic on social media as well given the present climate of misinformation and volatility of toxic discourse.