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Reply To: Campbell on Writing


I too, Marianne, am far more enamored of Campbell and Jung than of Freud – both C.G. and Joe speak to me more than good old Sigmund, who nevertheless deserves respect for disrupting the status quo and changing the conversation.

And I do find deconstruction unnerving – once everything is torn down to its constituent parts, and then those, too, are deconstructed, there is no ground to stand on. To me, that’s unsettling, and smacks of intellectual nihilism – but my discomfort may well be due to my default setting (I’m a lumper, not a splitter). Just because I have trouble embracing that approach doesn’t mean there is no value in it.

Though this is a good conversation, it does seem to have wandered far afield from a discussion of writing and the creative spark. Not to worry, as apparently this discussion needed to emerge; nevertheless, could be a touch confusing to forum-goers expecting a discussion of  writing and creativity (considering both the topic, and the fact we’re in the Creative Mythology forum, devoted to art and the creative impulse). Rather than try to wrestle us back to the topic, I think I might open another thread.