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Reply To: Campbell on Writing


Hi James,

I am following as much as I can this evening in whatever capacity my eyesight permits. I do want to comment here on one thing. Many people did scoff at Jung mainly because of his interests and  studies in the paranormal–extensive studies. A lot of people thought of him as a sort of psychic quack, even when the paranormal in many geographic areas such as the UK was very popular in his day. In other places it wasn’t. Jung’s interests in the psychology of the paranormal was the main cause between the split between Jung and Freud. Many people did not want to believe in such things back then, just as many people do not want to believe in it today either. I have heard people tell this story often about Campbell saying he was not a Jungian, and each time I always wish the storyteller would include a why. This is at least part of the why.

I am enjoying your posts/responses here, both yours and Shaheda’s, as well as Stephen’s as always.

Best to you as always, and to everyone here,