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Reply To: Campbell on Writing


Hey James,

I believe I will start over with a different thread. That’s only because the conversation has moved away from the subject (and not because it’s not a worthwhile conversation); though we can wrest it back on track, anyone drawn here to discuss writing and creativity would have to wade through several off-topic posts – so I’ll open another conversation on a related subject, and maybe cap this one.

We started off with Joseph Campbell discussing the source of creative inspiration with Bill Moyers, within the framework of the written word. Since music is more your medium, it might help for you to approach the subject from that direction. Do you write songs, or are you primarily a performer. If you do write, where does the music come from; and if your strength is performing, what is happening to, within, and through you as you play, immersed in a song.

Just tossing that into mix. When and if I get a new post up, you might want to take your experience, and perhaps that of the audience, as a starting point

. . . or not.