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Reply To: The Creative Spark


Greetings Stephen –

At times in my life where I have experienced true “flow state”, I was completely transcended to where time stood still and I became one with all that existed.  Specifically, it seems as I in fact became that moment, thing thing, that place.  Afterwards, I would have no recollection of what or how I was doing the literal things that I was doing.  It was almost as if I were acting as a divine channel/medium for divine inspiration to flow through me and to whomever or whatever was present.

In my pursuit of achieving this flow state, I have read books, followed gurus, sat with monks and nuns, studied intently the works of many ascended masters, artists and philosophers.  The only thing I can say is that by completely “losing myself”, I became clear enough to act in this manner.

Sending kindest regards,

Steve Vansickle