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Reply To: The Creative Spark


Thank you, Stephen.

I started to become slightly aware of this state when I was working as a web developer for a large corporation.  Some of the code I would write, I would revisit later and could not explain how it was working, even to my own logical mind.

After retiring from writing code, someone asked if I had ever considered writing music on a computer.  I had always wanted to be a musician, but was never encouraged to do so.  Subsequently, I began doing so and found it very much like writing code.  I was guided to an ascended master and began working more intently on it with him.  The results were phenomenal and ones where I definitively became aware that I was as I put it, acting as a divine channel.  In fact, it became so apparent that even as my literal mind would try to intervene (ie I would think I was making a mistake), it would be automatically overridden and things would continue to flow seamlessly.  Almost as if the “hand of God” was on mine and as well outside my hands where my equipment was.

I had several other projects at the time and was experiencing this throughout them all.

Thank you for sharing the analogy of being touched by the Muse.  I have loved Joseph Campbell’s works for quite a long time now and he always shows up whenever I am reaching the same state, like an ascended master from beyond.  🙂