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Reply To: The Creative Spark



I will try to answer the question as best I can, but I think that maybe my approach is not always the same.

For the most part, if I am drawing or painting for myself, I don’t pay much mind to any self-doubt because there is no consequence for “failure” (of execution or completion). If it doesn’t turn out well, I can try again or try something different. I can also try again at a more later time when I feel my skill level is up to the challenge.

If the drawing or painting is for someone else, I can feel more stressed from whatever expectations I imagine this person has.
Yet again- I can always try again or change my approach, give it some more thought, determine where the “failure” lies and how I might change that. Is it my approach? My materials? My mood? My skill level?
The answer almost always is a manageable one.
Over the years I have decided that as long as I like what I have created, I am not troubled much by its popularity. I am usually thinking instead about what I will make next.

Thank you for this thought topic,