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Reply To: The Creative Spark


Thank you Stephen for asking! My preferred medium is…coaching! Especially this year I have used active imagination and metaphors for my work as a coach. The intuitions that Carl Jung had about how to use imagination to cooperate with our soul have been enlightening for me. And the deep understanding that Campbell has for metaphors is inspiring for me.

About being an artist using raw materials, I am an aromatherapist and composer of perfumes. So I have been composing perfumes and it’s a deep process.

For supporting myself financially, I am paid as a life/creativity coach and as a perfumery/aromatherapy consultant. Not the easiest way to go, but full of bliss and potential also when there is a lot of pain (the pandemic has changed hugely how I work with people, and a lot more).

Another concept that I like is the concept of “gift” – that is not precisely talent, but is something you have because of the life experiences you have moved through. For example in my work I use the “core gift interview”, created by the Core Gift Institute. Deep and surprising.