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Though this isn’t dance, my wife and I are excited to be enjoying the arts once again after the 18 month or so Covid lag. The last weekend of September we attended a production of Steve Martin’s “The Underpants” (a revision of a 1911 play) at a local playhouse where we purchase annual season tickets. What a thrill to be enjoying a show and laughing with other people in the flesh. And then ,on October 1, we traveled an hour-and-a-half to Sacramento to catch a performance of Hamilton (stellar performance – I haven’t the words to explain how wonderful it was – my wife purchased tickets back in May for my birthday).

And just two nights ago we drove a couple hours to San Jose (at the south end of San Francisco Bay) for a magnificent dinner and my birthday gift to my wife in August – catching Monty Python alum John Cleese on his “Why There is No Hope” tour.

Everyone at the performances we attended was vaxxed and masked (except for performers onstage), which wasn’t really much of an inconvenience. Here’s hoping conditions continue to improve as life in the arts gradually returns to normal . . .