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Reply To: A Child’s Edenic Dream: “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”


Sunbug, it does seem how the Nutcracker brings so many enchanting memories to so many people who have danced and who love to watch dance and love the dance’s music!–almost like a magical rite of passage of some sort for so many of us. I know it was like that too when I first saw then danced the Nutcracker as a little girl and then when I took my daughter to see it for the first time and then my daughter with my granddaughter for her first time seeing it. It seems we all “fall in love” with the magic of this ballet. It is one of the most numinous things in my life no matter how many times I see/hear it! Your experiences you describe above sound “perfectly” magical. How beautiful your descriptions of your memories and connections are–numinous in and of themselves. To hear of the old country of Scotland…

Sounds like a book in the making–so much rich artistic and historical and memoir material!

~ Marianne