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Reply To: Christ at the Speed of Light  


    Lee; if I may be permitted I would very much offer encouragement to “leave up” this beautifully written piece about your experience; and even post it elsewhere if you feel comfortable doing so! It is deeply and profoundly moving; and so eloquently written that I think most people who would read it could not fail to be affected by it’s sincerity and heartfelt expression of one’s inner conflicts. I would certainly understand your reluctance in sharing something so personal; but I would also suggest that by the nature of the inner struggle you offered that by sharing this it might be helpful to others.

    We so often hold in our feelings by thinking that in some way these things going on inside of us may not be either properly understood or that they might be rejected, minimized, or in some way thought unworthy of being shared. I hope you’ll reconsider if this is the case because others may see within your articulation something they themselves have trouble dealing with. Again of course this is up for you to decide; and I certainly would not want for you to feel pressured into doing something that would make you feel uncomfortable; but this was a beautifully constructed piece which others might truly draw benefit from. Stephen may have more to add about this; but thank you so very much for sharing it.