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Reply To: Christ at the Speed of Light  


    Lee; I’m sending you a Private Message; (look to the left border where this function is located); and we will carry this conversation further so I can share a few ideas I have that should make you feel more comfortable without having to share anything publicly until (if and when) you feel comfortable in doing so. I will please ask that for the moment you not take down your post because it is so very special and will give you more time to think about this before deciding anything.

    Private messages have been a vital part of the forums ever since they were created in the older version; (which you will also notice located “under” the PM section on the left border). And when you want to message someone go to their ID logo and click on it which will take you to their information box where the private message function is located and click on that as well. You have now established an open-line to get in-touch with them whenever you want to send a message to discuss anything. If you already know all of this then we will pick up our conversation from there.

    (Btw; you will need to check this section often as you become more active because people may want to message you; and as far as I know that function does not yet reach a person’s email. So something to keep in mind as you get more involved with the forums. It’s a wonderful feature and you may find you will use it quite often to share personal information you don’t want shared publicly.) Wait for my message before you respond to anything further about this so we can discuss it more at length in private.