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Reply To: A Favorite Campbell Quote, for Our Time of the Corona Virus


One of Campbell’s many gems, this is a favorite of mine, too. What I find particularly comforting is that it reminds me I can trust the story unfolding in and through my life – and, in relation to this present pandemic, in and through our collective experience.

Even if we aren’t hospitalized, or never contract the coronavirus, this really is a collective Hero’s Journey we are on. The virus (filtered through the voice of medical experts and public authorities) asks – or rather demands – that we “go inside.” That literal action has, in effect, prompted many to “go within” – in the process coming “to the center of our own existence . . .”

Covid19, individually and collectively, fosters a death-and-rebirth experience on multiple levels. There is the literal death of thousands, but also death to a way of life, death to the world-we-knew: what surfaces the other side of the abyss is bound to be different in so many ways. Despite the high human cost, whether we’ve sought it or not we have an opportunity to re-imagine a new reality. Who knows what will emerge – maybe new ways of working, new approaches to delivering health care, or new concepts of how to care for the planet in a technological era, and more?