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Reply To: Current Favorite Quote


    Stephen; this is a great topic to draw from; and I particularly like the one you started off with. It goes deep and really makes one think about the larger dance of the life we are all participating in; so to speak. Like the one about the metaphor he uses of “Standing on the corner waiting for the light to change and seeing images of: “Beauty and the Beast” or any number of others in interplay; sometimes changing partners with each other as we too are also a part of this eternal dance as well.

    Robert; that is a tremendous compliment quote of Nietzsche’s to Stephen’s quote that Joseph used of Schopenhauer’s. There is another one of Schopenhauer’s that Joseph used in: “Pathways to Bliss”; on page:112; that I also like that has to do with one’s: (personal myth):

    “In a wonderful essay called: “On an Apparent Intention in the Fate of the Individual”, Schopenhauer points out that, once you have reached an advanced age, as I have, you look back over your life, it can seem to have had a plot, as though composed by a novelist. Events that seem entirely accidental or incidental turn out to have been central in the composition.

    So who composed that plot? Schopenhauer’s idea is that, just like our dreams, our lives are directed by what he called the will, that self of which we are largely unconscious. We have been, he says, dreamers of our own lives, like Visnu on his seven-headed serpent.”

    (Btw Robert; your quote is a particular favorite of mine as well but I have forgotten where it came from. I went looking for it awhile back and couldn’t find it. Would you mind sharing it’s source and page?)