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Reply To: Current Favorite Quote


    As an aside addition to the above conversation I would like to express my very deep appreciation to Robert and Stephen and those of you who in your efforts  have been trying to get these new Forums off the ground. These efforts mean so very much and to “ANY” of you reading these posts your help and engagement would mean a great deal in this early stage. No; this is not: “Facebook”; and we could sure use your help in participating in these conversations.

    On a separate note but in connection to the addition of this new format I was so thrilled to see the “re-emergence” of the old version of (CoaHO) this morning with a stunning brand new make-over. (Mark; thank you so very much for all your hard efforts in making this happen; it’s just beautiful.) For those not familiar with this feature look to your left on this page and you will see the: “Visit the CoaHO Archives” button: (just click on it and it will take you there).