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Reply To: Current Favorite Quote


    Robert; thank you so much for that information; I just couldn’t remember the source where it was taken from; and the surrounding context I was able to draw from your reply location added even more information and background to it’s significance. (Two pages of text from a source is a lot to include in a post; especially for those using a smartphone to type posts with; so I’ll just add this is an important reason why we reference: “quote location” in these discussions for anyone wanting to look them up.)

    For me the difficulty is always condensing an idea I’m trying to express without having to include too much background on it; while still keeping my original thoughts I’m trying to get across intact. But this is also part of problem that comes with the territory in crossing or combing these various communication formats. And like you mention about: “Google”; although it can make your life simpler; in this constantly and everchanging technology something will “surely” come along and make things more difficult in trying to cross-pollinate from one format to another. (Windows, Android, Apple; all have difficulties trying to talk to each other with many of these computer related formats. So I guess it’s much like foreign languages trying to keep a handle on being understood properly. (Like you said: “Welcome to the machine”; lol.)