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Reply To: Current Favorite Quote


    Although my post concerning your source was basically about tracking a quote back to it’s origin; I began to wander off topic relating this subject to technology. Topics can often be like sheep and have a tendency to wander off somewhere else than where the originator had intended. (And although this can be quite fun; it also can sometimes create problems and evolve into frustration for others involved in the discussion.) As a matter of fact moderators on the old format use to have to keep a watchful eye over posts to keep them on course. A lot of merriment was had as well as occasional misunderstandings that were often products concerning some of this sheepherding; which can be different than cat-herding because cats are totally independent. lol

    So back to where we left off so as not to divert what we are discussing relating to Stephen’s topic; and drift into a (Laural and Hardy’s): “who’s on 3rd” conversation; yes; I certainly agree with your premise! But in relationship to both: Stephen’s and your quotes combined with mine in keeping on track; the: “net-of-gems” metaphor was one I seem to remember Joseph used; but I’m not sure about this since; yes; as you stated; origins can sometimes be a tricky thing to assume.

    (I should probably mention a word of caution about the old CoaHO; it was full of occasional seizures of whimsy; and participants were known to sometimes hi-jack threads causing all kinds of silly mischief. So now that you’ve been warned; we can return to our regularly scheduled programing. That place like where things come from and go to you were just mentioning.)

    Dorothy’s return from her: “Wizard of Oz Adventure”; is a metaphor; the Star Wars Adventure as a motif of the Hero’s Journey is one Joseph loved; but transformation I think is the main theme in many of these situations since they refer to one’s life quest to find themselves over a lifetime and the realizations that happen along the way.