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Reply To: Current Favorite Quote


    Hey Stephen; sorry I’m a bit late answering this; you and I had already been in touch and as I said then we are “all” so glad about the good news concerning you and your wife’s test results. So as not to take away from your topic on Schopenhauer and Nietzsche’s: “Net-of-Gems” and “Love of Your Fate” themes in relation to this thread I added some Jungian Shadow ideas into the (Breathe) thread so as not to distract from where we left off. (I will say however; that the Pandemic is really starting to dominate public life which makes it somewhat difficult sometimes to get much distance from it as the days and weeks progress.)

    For me it has now pretty much integrated into my everyday thoughts about everything since sleep patterns have changed; and pretty much all activities seem to revolve around this crisis. So in some ways I guess one could say” “our love of our fate and life and sense of existence” is beginning to merge into this “new normal”; as it were; especially since time has sort of stopped for many of us since we are forced to be so limited in our movements and the way we must live our lives under these new circumstances. One is constantly challenged to think of new ways to innovate in the things we do and how we go about this business of day to day living; so for me; I’m constantly thinking about the meaning of things in a larger context; not just in the moment.

    I try and write a lot when I’m not taking care of life maintenance chores; so this gives me an outlet for these kinds of things; which for me is a great release. Still; I have to admit there are times when things seem so far away from a reachable conclusion to this virus situation that I find myself feeling a bit blue about it all; but I guess that’s to be expected and that’s the challenge it seems to how we extract the important insights we have to struggle through; (if that makes sense). Although every now and then I see someone else who has it really tough; and then my problems don’t seem quite so bad. I’m just glad you’re okay and things in your world are looking better since the good news; and returning to the usual things that need attending to; “welcome back”.